Today's Dream, Tomorrow's Guarantee



Bestari Tuition Centre (formally called AS Tuition Center) was setup with the primary objective of providing opportunities for pupils to spare part of their time studying in a conducive and inspiring environment.It is meant to be set up as a "real tuition centre" catering for small classes of not more than 15 pupils for each class with the hope of producing quality products at the end of the day. Ever since the inception of the tuition, it has always been our prior objective to cater for pupils in primary schools.But as we progressed, more classes were opened up to cater for lower and upper secondary pupils.

Bestari Tuition Centre was also set up based on compliance to the requirement of Education Department especially in relation to the formal syllabus set up by the Ministry of Education.

Based on the needs of present methodology of teaching, pupils are exposed to frequent usage of computer to further enhance the pupils' interest in learning.

Finally, we hope that pupils attending our classes will gain maximum benefits to blend to our motto of "TODAY'S DREAMS,TOMORROW'S GUARANTEES".